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Hello there :)

I am writing to you because I thought it might be of interest to know that there exist a site dedicated to YCH commissions and only YCH. ^^ It's for all kind of types, sfw/nsfw and auction or regular sale. Only money though unless you add a link to a dA where one can pay with points.

You can also showcase 6 of your previous works to let people know what they are paying for :)

An account is it easy to use, while being completely free to join and  submit.
You simply set starting price and how long it should last, then the site do the rest.

The site:
Hello people!
We're almost reaching 100 members on this group. It's a nice start, a lot of stuff is being submitted to this group and soon we might be finally being noticed!
Thank you all, but here I'm writing to ask you for the help. I'm only one person who's accepting stuff, putting it into the right folders, deleting outdated stuff and sometimes I just don't have the time for it, so group is being in mess for a few days. I don't want people to go away from here when they see that half of the stuff is in "Featured" folder and nobody is taking care of it, so I just want to ask if there are anyone who would like to become a co-founder of this group? It's actually for those who are bored and has nothing to do on dA, I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. Well, just read what I've wrote in here, if someone is interested:


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